Dance with me in the glittering night.

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I'm in Visby, visiting friends. Sun is shining.

Postat av: Lorena, Chilean in the UK

Thanks very much!

I have been investing some time in looking at other’s people blogs, I have to say that I never did it before; as I have been always so busy with the REAL LIFE… and strangely I thought the blog was just a very personal thing, though it was published to the world! Very senseless. :O

For curiosity I have been looking around and one link take me to another… and I do not know how I fund you but It attracted me your lovely pictures – of the selection you have there.

I can see you are from Sweden? Right?

I am Chilean (I speak Spanish), but I live with my English husband and children in the UK, near Cambridge. I am a journalist, well; I retired one as I am now spending compulsory home time with my children.

The idea behind my blog (back in 2005)was just writing and then the pictures come along and the handcraft and the KNITIING, you know how it is , it is very easy to get obsessed by tings… I have 20 projects going on and non finished.

Keep in touch!

Lorena x

2010-07-08 @ 17:45:38
Postat av: anna

riktig disco feeling!

Postat av: Matilda,

åh, vilken fin blogg du har!

2010-07-09 @ 15:52:57

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