Pink and blue.

A sunset in Visby.


I just got to my parents in Stockholm for a months vacation, also visiting relatives in Finland later. I arranged my mums desktop and got this beautiful free wallpaper from Kindred and cute little flower and butterfly icons (that might be hard to spot). I might bake later and I'm planning on buying flowers.


One day when I was out walking the sun reflected beautifully in the dark lake.


I really like Hans Arnolds illustrations, because there's so much to see in them. View more here.

Jumping on rocks

Last week I was out in the sea jumping on rocks, it was fun though my toe got a little injured.


I've been drinking alot of tea. Kusmi tea and choco tea are my favourite ones.


Strawberries and pancakes with cinnamon apples and vanilla cream.


I went to the beach today. It was so silent, just the wind and the birds. Lovely.

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