Use somebody.

Pixie Lott sings Kings of leon.

I have a cold, it sucks. Luckily my mum bought a blu-ray player yesterday so that I can watch movies :D It's much nicer being at your parents when you're ill.

Red Velvet.

I baked a Red Velvet cake yesterday and decorated it with cherries. It was delicious.

Poison Lips.

Because I love the video <3 (and I got these new awesome headphones which make everything sound good)


I made a lovely coconut cake. Apart from baking I've been shoveling snow and cleaning the house this weekend.

My Cat

Since I'm spending almost all my time at home with my kitten, I thought you might wanted to see one more pic ;)
Was at the design school Beckmans christmas market yesterday, very nice! Bought some cool stuff.

Best Christmas present ever.

This is Sakura, I'll get her on Tuesday. So happy!

I've been away far too long.

So let's look at some nice pics again. This is how I wish all men would be dressed. All pics found on Backyard Bill (via Black Eiffel)

Red is a great color on a sweater, especially when paired with simple grey trousers. Casual, but dressed.

Red is also great on knitted hats. Remember Life Aquatic?

Love the boots! Actually love the complete look. Not a huge fan of long haired men, but on this one it looks great.

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