Dollar Green.

I painted my nails dollar green.


Cold War Kids <3 pure love.

Oranssi appelsiini.

ваше здоровье!

Our first dinner with Stolichnayas kamrater, 2008

When Lena joined :) 2009

This was my hats last dinner, some french guy stole it :( 2010

Tonight we'll have our last dinner with Lena, since she's leaving for Australia.

A Thursday.

This is my new hat.

I had a lovely evening with Lena it involved great food, rock band, chocolate and Roman Holiday <3

Spring makes people fly.

(All pics from weheartit.)

The sun is shining! It's all very wonderful.

Blue Paris.

I fall asleep in my bed and I dream a pretty dream.

Of a blue sky above Paris.

Of wandering the streets of spring.

Of taking a ride on a white carousel horse.

Of you falling in love with me.

Of us.

(All pics from weheartit.)

Oh and I got great feedback on my latest screenplay, in class yesterday. So fun.

Sunday a good day.

I spent yesterday evening in bed with a nice book. Might have a little teaparty today.

A Sunday song.

I've lost the source to the first two pics :( the last one can be found here.



Orange juice, yoghurt, bread, egg, tea and milk with coffee.


Soup and water.

What we in Sweden call fika.

A cardamom bun and wild strawberry tea.


Entrecôte, mashed potatoes, tomato and mozzarella salad and water.


Just playing.

Pink food.

Raspberries in whipped cream <3

Punk sun.

She & Him - In the sun. Just because it's cute.

Yesterday I attended a punk party.

I also baked a cake, it looked like it had been run over by a truck, but tasted awesome.

Pic by David Skoog, with the punk gang before heading to the party.

Pink Saturday.

(All pics from weheartit.)

Friday morning.

I just had breakfast. Time to start writing and let the weekend begin.




(Pics from weheartit)

I enjoyed the sun and warm spring air today. Lovely.


Leo and I wearing my pretty apple/strawberry earings from Paris. Pic by Lena Broqvist.

I'm kind of ill. It sucks. So I'll be home reading Mumin - Farlig Midsommar, today.

Le week-end

Cheers! It's finally here, after a week of writing and going to class, we finally get to party and eat popcorn.
Pic is from last weekend and is shot by David Skoog.


First time I baked macaroons was today, but they taste delicious!

Nothing actually.

Another one of these photo booth pics. I'm having a bad hair day. It's snowing outside. But I'm going out for some shopping anyway. You gotta buy food.


Okay, I was a bit bored and had boring fruit at home. So what to do? Make a fruit salad of course.

Take what you have at home, I had a clementine, a kiwi fruit, a sharon fruit and frozen blue- and raspberries.

Defrost the berries and slice and chop the fruit. Pretty easy.

Mix the fruit in a bowl and enjoy. I'm having white apricot tea with mine.


(all pics from weheartit)

I long for spring and I want to visit one of the best cities in the world, because spring in Paris is, well like spring nowhere else.


My first attempt at victory rolls. Now I'm off to school.. Good morning!


On Saturday Lena and I arranged a cocktail party.

The boys did dress up pretty nice!

And so did we..

Leo (far right) has a pretty nice haircut, I cut it ;)

Fierce ;)

I played some guitar.

All pics are Lena's.

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