The dress.

Okay this is my Betsey Johnson dress. You can't even see how it looks, but imagine something beautiful.

Shades of grey.

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It's raining outside.

Bye bye birdie.

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The cutest bird. My Betsey Johnson dress will finally arrive today, yay.  And I'm making this finnish soda thing, it looks pretty nasty right now and will be ready to drink in 2-3 days..

Flowers like to be free.

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My day did not start out great, but after writing a page on my paper and doing some work-out, it's getting better. Hopefully I'll get my Betsey Johnson dress too.


Sorry for the slightly blurry image, I was hungry.

I baked this amazing carrot bread (recipe in swedish). With it I had carrot and beetroot soup. It was delicious.

To die for cookies.

Cookie dough from heaven.

I found a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies here. Too bad you can't buy chocolate chips on this stupid island where I live, but I'm in cookie heaven anyway.

A room with a view.

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I just watched this beautiful movie once again. Sometimes you just need straw hats and Italy to brighten your day.

Spring sun.


Finally the sun is shining. I'm still ill, but better. Listening to this.

More ice cream

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I'm home ill. I have swine pox, totally nasty. If someone could bring ice cream, that would brighten my day.

Spring, come on!

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It was snowing here this morning. It's almost May, where are you spring? Stop hiding. You are more than welcome.

Ice cream!

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A weekend.


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It's finally friday! I'm waiting for my guest to arrive for the weekend. Time to work-out and finish the last studying.


For people living in Sweden, I'm selling this dress from h&m's Garden Collection over here.

Red and blue.

Let's listen to this, it's Kate Nash.

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A dress.

Image: Bonadrag

I just bought this awesome dress from Betsey Johnson, it was as you can see 80% off.

Dim the lights.

Yesterday. The fog was all over the place.

The fog hid the river
when the dwarf walked up the shore
telling tales in reverse
about a great misty curse.

Just a little something I wrote a long time ago.

Sweet Sunday.

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I got some kind of cold yesterday, but I'm better today, hurray. I'm ready for some Mad Men and I'm planning on picking up my new laundry basket from somewhere outside of town (it got shipped to the wrong place).

Cat with glasses.

Have been cleaning my apartment all morning. Now I only have to read like 400 pages of boring stuff for school. Happy Saturday!


Yes I'm alive. Have been at my parents enjoying easter and seeing friends.

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