Sweet Tulle.

It's sunday and the sun is shining. So far so great. Watched Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and now I'm baking cupcakes.

(All pics are linked)


All pics are linked.

Today is a good day for fairytales. And tea.


I know it's fall, but soft pinks are needed all year. I shall hopefully finish my screenplay today, but first Gossip Girl!


Red is a lovely color. Wishing you guys a very good week!

(All pics are linked, click away)

Put another record on.

My mum is visiting. Lots of great food and laughing at strange things.

(Pics by me)

A sunset.

I'm finally getting better, so happy. Now I'll get to enjoy fall outside and not only through the windows of my apartment.


Let's listen to this.

I slept kind of late.

It's been raining all day.

But what a good day to sit inside and write. Finished the first draft of my screenplay.

I drank a lot of tea while writing, I always do that.

These would be very nice now. Thinking about baking something.

Or I might just read a book.

And dream about kissing in the rain.

(All pics are linked, just click away)

Le week-end

I didn't do much this weekend. Lay in bed with le cold that never seemed to give up. But I'm much better today and celebrated with cherry tea and a cupcake, my last one, will have to bake new ones soon.


Image found here.

Great things about fall.

Drinking lots and lots of tea.

Walking through piles of fallen leaves.

Tights and fashion magazines. Dark evenings with glossy magazines are good.

(All pics shot by me)

Black and white.. and glitter shoes.

Let's watch this, just because it's beautiful.

I've been ill for the past week, it sucks, but I'm getting better day by day :D

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