Roses are red.

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Life in pink.

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Made this amazing chicken with ginger.


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Happy New Year!!!

This night had a morning too.

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I want sun, flowers and well plus degrees.

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I want this nail polish.

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In bloom.

Some flowers we got at home.


I baked these today.


Went dancing this weekend. Lovely.

The tiny book

I need this! You can order it here.

If we wake up in full make-up.

Screenshots from The Pierces video for Turn on Billie.


make a gif

I wish you all a great weekend!

Before the weekend.

Reading magazines.

Since last time I've..

Had macarons at Petite france.

Visited Fotografiska. The view from the café is very nice.

Not managed to play the harmonica very well.

Baked macarons. Yummy!

Had miso at home in pretty bowls.

Sunny Sunday

Fall friday

I used the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone 4

Illums bolighus

I visited the new Illum Bolighus in Stockholm today. Very nice. I have those egg cups and glasses.

Rose I wrote to you.

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A day


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