A Trip.

We rented a car and started driving north. View from car window.

First stop was a swamp, not much to see.. Håkon, Paulina, Jon and Emma.

This was it.

We went to Rute, where there's a great bakery and café. This is Jon, he was our driver.

Bakery and café.

An art exhibition of some kind.

This is Håkon, my friend and Dj partner. He liked taking pics in the car.

We stopped here. I took a dip in the sea while the others had lunch.

Had a lovely day <3

Postat av: h

looks like a great day =)

2009-08-02 @ 10:07:55
URL: http://halshammar.se
Postat av: Ninas modeblogg, utan mode

Tycker du? :) Jag tyckte inte de var så snygga men jag behövde ett så jag köpte det ändå :)

2009-08-02 @ 14:35:09
URL: http://ninai.blogg.se/
Postat av: sara

tack detsamma!

fina bilder. :)

2009-08-02 @ 16:56:33
URL: http://smuls.blogg.se/
Postat av: Lisa

Wow, really great pictures!

2009-08-02 @ 23:32:07
URL: http://www.lisaslikes.blogspot.com
Postat av: Emma

fina bilder!

2009-08-04 @ 14:14:07
URL: http://jumpintopuddles.blogg.se/

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