Les framboises

Sorry I haven't been updating for a long time. Been busy with school and dj'ing. Going out tonight, gotta get those legs moving. Bought raspberrys today, they tasted yummy and what a better way to eat them than from the top of your fingers?


Igår var jag på dop i Västerås och blev fadder.

Min kusin Marie och hennes man Rodrigo med Melvin som ska döpas. Han är min gudson :)

Här är min kusin Linda och Melvins storasyter Eila. De häller upp dopvattnet.

Plask, plask.

Eila och Karl leker efter allt fikat.

Presentöppning. Eila hjälpte till och Playsam bilen Melvin fick av mig verkade vara uppskattad.


This is a very cute short film made by Kirsten Lepore.


Found this at Daydream lily. I'm going to Stockholm today. Jippii.

The boy is singing.

Paolo Nutini has a great voice. Take a listen.

New Shoes.

Candy. I just love this, especially the end.

Strawberry milk

I'm studying. After two coffees I thought I better drink something else, so I made some pink strawberry milk. It's delish.


These beauties from h&m gotta find their way to my collection of pretty shoes. Me wants!


Me and Håkon went to the old lime-pit for a swim. Met Ickis and Leila on our way there. Lovely afternoon. Did not bring my camera, but had to take some pics with my phone :)


Just showing you some old sketches I did last summer. Nothing new happening here. Will probably go swimming later today.

Magical. It's a fairytale.

Mijn Schatje is a very talented 26 year old digital artist. Check out more of her work here!

A Trip.

We rented a car and started driving north. View from car window.

First stop was a swamp, not much to see.. Håkon, Paulina, Jon and Emma.

This was it.

We went to Rute, where there's a great bakery and café. This is Jon, he was our driver.

Bakery and café.

An art exhibition of some kind.

This is Håkon, my friend and Dj partner. He liked taking pics in the car.

We stopped here. I took a dip in the sea while the others had lunch.

Had a lovely day <3

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