We could fly.

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I had a great evening yesterday. Last party at the student pub with my classmates and friends. I'm moving in two weeks! Back to the capital, finally. But I'll try to enjoy my time here on the island where the sun shines almost every day.


Three more days in college and then I'm done! I'm ill btw, but happy anyway. Oh and I'm going to Finland in July and Malmö in June, tickets are booked!


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Sun is shining and I have to study, that sucks.


I spent yesterday evening in a submarine. One of my old high school friends works there. Pretty cool. You don't get to eat pizza in a submarine that often. Too bad I wasn't allowed to take pics.

Hair update.

I grew tired of the ugly blonde hair I had, dyed it again, twice. Now it's some sort of red/blonde. I was hungry beyond control when I shot the pic, therefore, ignore the face ;)


I baked these today, need I say they're delicious?


My mum gave me these beautiful flowers from her garden on Sunday.

Minty dots.

Pics from the bed part of my apartment. I got my new sheets from h&m yesterday, they are lovely.


I was supposed to lighten my hair a little, but well now I'm blonde.

Ice cream, for real.

Had my first ice cream out in the sun today. Watermelon sorbet and vanilla cake batter.

My hair.

Looks like this now. Much lighter.


I'm kind of finished with my thesis! Time to celebrate. Shot this pic today for my thesis.


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It's pouring outside, no sun today. But let's put on some summery music and dream of lighter days. Oh and I made highlights in my hair yesterday.

Look at her.

<3 Massive Attack

One week left until I have to hand in my thesis, but I'd rather finish it before the weekend.

Pink ceilings.

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A great song. The sun is shining again, lovely!

Not a sunny day.

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Had a great weekend! Too bad the weather has been shitty. I really want to see The lovely bones, has anyone seen it?

Give me your heart in return.

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I want your love.

This is a really great cover of Bad Romance.

Pink heart.

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Rouge Coco.

I got my Rouge Coco lipstick, in Rouge Orage today, also Shu Uemura foundation and my London Fog trench. It's like christmas.

A day.

Nothing much. I'm writing on my paper again, it's due in 10 days (insert panic scream). Mika made me do it, so thanks for that and let's listen.

You know, cute stuff.

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