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are so good you should visit their homepage asap! The tunes, they are amazing. Pumped up kicks for the win!


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I'm not a huge fan of Beyonce, but this is actually really good, both in sound and image.

Tonight is cocktail night. Really looking forward to mingle dressed up with a Champs-Elysées in one hand.


This is not what I eat every morning, but today was a good day for a smoothie.


I want to move to Paris and bake cupcakes.

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What my camera had in store.

I love milk with strong coffee.

A very big strawberry.

And snow on my window.

Where are you?

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I need you so much right now. Under my feet, on my skin and in my lungs. Spring. Seriously this snow thing that's going on right now needs to stop. I want sunny days and green grass!

Moving images.

My friend david shot a little movie at my b-day party. Watch it!

Good morning!

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I overslept for like 3 hours. No school for me today.


I'm still awake, ate too many pancakes. Pancake day is my favourite holiday. Played rock band and laughed until my stomach hurt, afterwards.

Tea for one.

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I got this cute teapot for my birthday.


It's my birthday today. Had the best birthday party ever yesterday! Thank you all!

This was before unknown people invaded the buildning where I live and made the party awesome! I did love my cake very much.

I thank Tove for the pics.

The man of dreams.

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He made a dress with merry-go-round hourses and covered another one in flowers and his darker side was pure magic. He made stories. And has been one of my greatest creative inspirations.
RIP Alexander McQueen.

A note.

Source unknown.

Dream and fly.

All pics from weheartit.


We were a band.

Yesterday I played The Beatles rock band with some friends,very fun.

My cat wanted to join too, she played drums for a while.

Good morning.

I'm moving around my furniture, hopefully it will end up in the right place.
You should always have a guitar in bed.

And a Spotify playlist!


I baked cupcakes with my friend Anna today. These cuties I'll save for my b-day.

These are even cuter, light blue frosting and strawberry sugar.

Baking is so fun! Have to do it more often.


I made deviled eggs for dinner today. Delicious!

I also picked up my Nintendo Wii :D Tennis anyone?


I like Valentines day, just because it's my birthday. These things would make the day even better ;)

A Marc by Marc Jacobs watch.

A gift certificate from American Apparel.

Paloma Faith's latest album.

Sheets from H&M.

Cute cupcake cups from Elsas hem.

We sing!

Alice in Wonderland palette.

About 4 metres of this beautiful Marimekko fabric.

Magazines about interior decoration.


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