Places I visited today.

I thought it was time to see some more of the island where I live, Gotland. This is from a church from the 13th century or something.

A house and trees. We had lunch here, or well behind where I'm taking the pic.

Fårö, a rauk.

More rauks and the sea.

One of the many beaches we visited.

One of the many old men on the trip, he looked very french with a moustache. I swam in the sea btw.

Ingmar and Ingrid Bergmans grave. It's located on Fårö with a beautiful sea view.



Lucy Schwartz is a very talented 19 year old girl. Beautiful voice and how I like that piano!

I like to ride my bicycle.

The view from the road.

I had not arrived at the UN but got this flag while waiting for something else. I like how I got a wine glass for my raspberry soda. And I just borrowed that pastry, but I heard it was delicious.

I enjoyed the view, lots of pretty flowers and herbs, it's a herb garden.

Then my pancakes arrived :D

So much flowers.

I would have traded my bike for this car.

Krusmyntagården on Gotland was the place I visited. It's about 10 km from Visby.


Bloody beetroots or Russian food.

I made borstj and blini for dinner.

Beetroots. This Bloody beetroot remix is pretty great.

The soup.

Lots of blini.


Dessert, I really like those italian macaroons.

And me with my Regina Spektor hat, she has one like it on the cover of Soviet Kitsch ;)


Half a cupcake and Kusmi tea <3


I tried these on today, jacket and t-shirt(dress) are from Burfitt and the trousers are from cheap monday, I bought them. Wish the jacket would have been a bit cheaper than 120€, then I'd buy it. And I wish that hot guys working in stores would not check you out in the dressing room, even though he liked the outfit.

Kids, birds and boys.

Breakfast, or atleast one part of it.

The light by the sea.

I dyed my hair at home, like it.

Children sitting by the shore.

Boys playing. They were pretty good.


Wake Up

This is a happy song and a fun video.

Cookies and cream cupcakes

Since I hadn't baked fo a while I thought it was time to make cupcakes.

This is all you need

1 cup butter, softened
1 cup superfine sugar (this really makes the difference)
2 cups self-rising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
4 eggs
9 crushed oreo cookies

and 1/2 cup butter, softened and 2 cups confectioners sugar for the frosting and then some crushed oreo cookies to decorate them with.

Combine everything but the cookies and beat with an electric mixer for about 2-3 minutes. I used my Kitchenaid.

Stir in the crushed cookies and spoon the batter into baking cups. Bake in oven for 20 minutes in 175C

Let the cupcakes cool and make the frosting by beating the butter and the sugar untill smooth. Decorate.

And the result looks like this, delicious!

Roses, un chat et une paire de chaussures.

I went to the botanical garden here in Visby today. Besides finding cat I also found a lot of colorful and fragrant roses.

New shoes and old orchid.

Got these shoes a few days ago, love them :) the apron dress is about two years old, I made it.

I left my orchid at home and was away for a month, when I got back it had not died but was in full bloom.

Asphalt, flowers

Roses and cat

Last night I went out in my garden. The grass was all wet and me and cat played hide and seek.


My friend Tove came over for tea and vanilla buns.

so did Alexandra.

Alex had a tea flower in her cup.

Then we went to a nearby lake for a swim. It was cold so she started praying for the water to get warmer ;)

It was very very cold before we got used to it.

Then it was wonderful. That cloud looks pretty interesting.

Flowers in the garden.

My new dress.

I found this in Helsinki, at h&m.. love the tulle skirt!


Back in Sweden

I've been in Finland for a week, wonderful! Thought it was time to post a new outfit pic, here you go, everything is h&m except the headband, from accessorize. Time to do something about my hair, the colour is not good in any way and gosh I need a haircut.


Just got this from dad, smells delish :)


I've been home at my parents and walking the streets of Stockholm. Summer vacation is bliss. There's alot of flowers in the garden. Enjoy.

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