The unicorn of your dreams.

This is my favourite animal.

All pics found on weheartit.

Hello Monday.

Moshi, moshi!

I'm off to eat Sushi with Anna. And then I have to do a lot of not so fun homework.

A weekend.

After a day in school Linus and I decided that it was time to play in the snow. We had some fun outside, but after a while when you've had enough snow thrown in your face it's time to go inside.

We had some delish mango cocktails and played domino for about two hours. A fun Friday.

On Saturday we played Beatles Rockband with Lena, it was really fun! I wish I had the game at home. I look very pale, which I am.
After all the singing Linus and I took a cab to a party in and old hangar in the forest, it was crazy. I can't even describe it in words, it was pretty post-apocalyptic.

Le week-end

My cousin visited me from Finland. We had fun. Thought I'd show you my new glasses too.

Fairytale forest.

I bought these plates from Iittala, Satumetsä.

The tablecloth and napkins are from Marimekko, Ananas.

Orchids and a Mari bowl från Marimekko.

The glass is from Iittala, Aino Aalto and the cutlery is from Hackmann, Swing.

Would anyone like to join me for dinner?

(All pics by me)

My little cat.

This is a short clip of my cat playing, and ehm me laughing..

Fireworks my dear friend.

Happy New Year!
May this be a stylish year full of joy and exciting new things.

Since I'm still having the worst cold ever I was at home on new years eve. But of course I had to take some pics of the fireworks and I ate the most delicious crêpes topped with lemon curd, blueberries and whipped cream.

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