French Milk.

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Light roses.

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I'm painting the room next to mine today, in a pale lilac shade. I'll show you pics when I'm finished.


I had coffee at Xoko, a great café/restaurant in Stockholm.

Blonde babes.

Robyn is back and I can't stop listening.

The Pretty Reckless will finally release their album this summer.


My breakfast today.


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Drinking tea. Cheers!


I visited Linda.

We had lunch at a pub, I liked this rug.




I developed the film from my Diana mini. This is one of the pics. My two best friends Jenny and Linda. I'm going to Lund today, to visit Linda :D


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Went to Fotografiska today and looked at the Annie Leibovitz exhibition. Also saw Vee Speers photographs. Then walked to Minimarket's sale and bought a cute shirt with a bow collar, it was very cheap.


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Spent yesterday with my relatives in Västerås. Cake and wine <3


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Finally I'm back in Stockholm.

See you on the other side (of the ocean)

I've packed almost everything. Strawberry cake for breakfast!

And her heart was red.

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Today my mum and my cousin and her family (with my two cute godchildren) arrive. Have to start packing for real since I'm moving in two days.

Hjärtat pumpar av nitroglycerin.

Oskar Linnros new album Vilja bli is the best thing I've heard in a long time. Great listening for summer nights. If you have spotify, listen to it here.

Meet me at the beach.

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I'm packing my stuff since I'm moving on Saturday. Both sad leaving the island and kind of fun getting back to Stockholm. Might go to a party tonight, the Gotland game award party, it's usually pretty fun.


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Had a great weekend. Dinner with my classmates on friday and then some dancing. I spent yesterday in bed reading Haruki Murakamis A wild sheep chase.


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I'm finally done with college. Now I'm a screenplay writer, pretty cool. Even though you can't call yourself a writer if you don't write and well actually have a job. I am without. But I'll keep writing fairytales for kids :D

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